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Supporting your child to navigate learning and life.

Every child comes in with its own deep inner wisdom – all we need to ensure we provide is the space for the child to unfold naturally.  If we nurture a child to trust its own inner knowing we raise a strong and caring being that grows into a well balanced member of our society. Absolutely 4 Kids is dedicated to support each child to unfold and discover themselves, with no imposition hindering them to flourish and thrive.

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Hi, I'm Kirstin Harris,

a teacher that is passionate about supporting children to be their truest self. 

Over the years I have observed that when left without pressure and imposition each and every child will bring out their unique set of gifts and natural expression. I have also learnt and observed that the current school system may not necessarily foster and develop this natural intelligence, as many children struggle to thrive in this environment. I love working with children who have lost their love of learning and support each child to be able to learn in a way that is true for them.


This is where ABSOLUTELY 4 KIDS comes into play.

Nursery Play

How we support your child ...

  • By meeting your child where they are at at any moment in time we allow them to learn in a space free of pressure and full of fun, so at the end of the stay they leave thinking they didn’t do any work at all.

  • I view all children, including babies and toddlers, as inherently capable, complete people that communicate very precisely what they need. They all come rich with amazing abilities. I will adapt the teaching according to and based on their physical, cognitive and emotional development, but I will never treat them as less than their adult equivalents.

  • I cater each class or lesson to the needs of the child or group of children on that day and am adaptable in any moment to what is required rather than sticking to a pre-determined lesson plan if that is not going to suit what the child presents as needing at the time.

  • Tutoring at Absolutely 4 Kids is not your run of the mill, ‘sit at a desk or computer and read or write style’ tutoring. Children are able to choose from a range of seating options and learning material that they feel suits their learning best. Sometimes we also work outside if the weather permits and the child works well outdoors.

Image by luis arias
Toddler in Bed

Learn Infant Massage

Supporting an infant with massage is a very delicate endeavour.  How we touch an infant, child or anyone really makes all the difference to how they will be able to settle in their body. Massaging an infant can change how they go to sleep and how settled they are during the day.

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